Recently I launched a new website.  The owner of the website was having me change the hosting company, so I needed to have the DNS Nameserver settings change.


Fine, I go into the control panel for his original hosting company.  I find where to change the DNS Nameservers to the new hosting company, I change them, save them and quit out.

HMMM, I wonder.  How long will this take before the new site shows up when I launch the page?  

I do a little research and find that DNS Nameserver changing is one of those topics that has a great deal of mis-information bouncing around the internet.  

One thing that I did find was that your own computer can be keeping you from seeing the site on the new hosting company.

I found this informative article at that walked me through Flushing the DNS on my Windows 7 computer.  I took the steps and Voila! the new site was up appearing.

Steps to Flush the DNS from a Windows 7 computer:

  1. Launch the Windows start icon in the lower left corner windows-start-icon
  2. Type cmd in the text box just above the icon.cmdwindow
  3. A DOS command window will appear
  4. At the comand prompt type in cd \ to get back to the root
  5. Type in ipconfig /flushdns



The article mentioned above gives instructions on how to flush the DNS on a MAC and for flushing the DNS on Linux computers.