For some reason I have more than one profile in Firefox.  I don't recall why, but there it is, I do.  Anyway, I updated Firebug on firefox and in the process lost all of my bookmarks.  I have extensive bookmarks, and this was not a good thing.

I wanted to make note of how I fixed this problem just in case it happens again.

This is a link to the resource on how to fix it:

I had to do a little work around, as their instructions didn't quite get me where I wanted to go.

Step 1: Launch Windows 7 Start icon in the lower left

Step 2: Type cmd in the search box at the bottom.

Step 3: Use some DOS commands (ie cd) to get to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox

Step 4: Type in firefox.exe -p

Step 5: Select your good profile from the Firefox dialog box.

That did it.  All my happy little bookmarks and toolbar settings were right there whare I wanted them.

I could create a Firefox profile there as well.  i could see where that could be handy if you had multiple users, or you had certain setting in Firefox that you didn't want to turn on and off, etc.