Joomla IconI use Joomla as the CMS platform for websites through my employer.  Many times I will come across a problem or a challenge of how to make something do this or that within the Joomla interface.

If it something that I feel that I will want to use for future reference, I will write a quick little post on the subject in this section.  Maybe someone else will have that same challenge, and this information might help them address the issue.

At the time of this post, my background is one college level PHP course and one Javascript course and two years of web design and development. A CMS system is perfect for someone like me.  I know just enough about what is going on in the guts of my website that I can solve most issues with out having to do heavy-duty coding.  

Why Joomla vs. Wordpress or Drupal. Well, like I said, Joomla is what my employer uses.  I took a Drupal course in school, but got a job using Joomla.  Was there a big learning curve?  No, not really, but they have very different was of approaching the CMS platform, in my opinion.  I think that Drupal is more for those who really know the PHP in the backend.  I also find Drupal to be a little more confusing.  Either one of them - you need to learn where to go in the back end and you will find yourself going back and forth between menus to accomplish what you need.  Wordpress on the other hand?  Well, it is the most popular CMS system and many people use it without knowing much of anything about coding.  I have only a passing experience with Wordpress.